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Terms and Conditions for Boilerhouse Ouseburn

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  • Lateness/No shows

  • It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes earlier than your given appointment. This way we can ensure you are seated and ready for your stylist promptly, giving you every chance to enjoy your full appointment slot with your chosen stylist.
  • At Boilerhouse we run tight schedules so that, as busy stylists, we give you every fair chance to have an appointment with your chosen stylist as and when you need it. As such, we operate a 15 minute policy when it comes to late arrival. If your stylist has a client due in directly after your appointment and you are more than 15 minutes late, you will likely have to rebook, or in some circumstances we may be able to accommodate your appointment with a different stylist.
  • Lateness for some appointments may result in a shortened or altered service – for example a full head foil appointment might have to be changed to a half head foil if your stylist is booked up.
  • We understand emergencies happen, plans can change and people can be held up. Please do your best to phone us if you are going to be late, or can’t make an appointment. This way we will be able to advise what is likely to happen if and when you come into the salon, hopefully saving both you and us any wasted time.
  • Repeat no shows without reason or calling to cancel will face having to pay a 50% deposit for their future bookings. As all of our staff work on a commission based wage, reserving an appointment you do not turn up for will have a direct negative impact on them personally, so we ask you please respect the terms and conditions we have laid out.


  • Deposits for special or multiple appointments

  • Group bookings of 3 or more people (for hen party/birthday blowdry appointments etc…) need to pay a 50% deposit for the booking. If cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, the full deposit will be refunded; otherwise the deposit will be forfeit. If a deposit is not paid a week in advance, bookings are at risk of being cancelled out.
  • The same deposit rules apply to more than 3 separate service bookings for an individual client on the same day.
  • For wedding appointments we require full payment at least one week before the wedding, and a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancellations or no refund will be given. Unpaid balances risk appointments being cancelled.
  • All deposits can be paid by cash or card in person or by card over the phone.


  • Patch tests

  • For hair colouring services that touch the scalp, we will apply a small amount of the relevant dye or product to the crook of your elbow. This must be done a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment to allow any irritations to present themselves. Once done, the skin test is valid for 6 months.
  • Your health and safety is paramount to us providing you with a good service, so please don’t be angry when we have to refuse treatment if you have not come to see us for your patch tests. If you have any questions, please call reception or ask any member of our team when you are visiting the salon who will be more than happy to help.


  • Colour only appointments

  • All colour only appointments carry a £10 surcharge which allows for a blowdry finish of your choice (excluding a Chelsea blowdry), carried out by a younger member of our team
  • If you require a blowdry by a specific member of our fully qualified styling team, this can be booked in on request. In this instance, the £10 surcharge will be removed and the cost of a regular short or medium/long blowdry will be added on to the price of your colour service.


  • Discounts and offers

  • We currently offer a 30% student discount on hair appointments (selected stylists) on Tuesday, Wednesaday and Thursday. A valid, in date student ID card must be shown each time you pay in order to qualify for discount. If you happen to forget your ID, the discount will only be valid at your stylist’s discretion on the day, and a note will be made on your account that proof must be shown for subsequent appointments.
  • NHS staff now qualify for a 20% discount Tuesday to Thursday on production of valid photo ID. As with student ID and discount, your ID card must be shown each time you pay in order to qualify for discount. If you happen to forget your ID, the discount will be valid only at your stylist’s discretion on the day, and a note will be made on your account that proof must be shown for subsequent appointments.
  • Another ongoing offer we run, open to any client at any time, is our recommend a friend scheme (valid for hair appointments only). By picking up a voucher and recommending a new client to your stylist, this client will bring in the voucher to their first appointment and receive 20% off their visit. Once they have redeemed their voucher, 20% will be added to your account and will be deducted from your bill on your next visit. You can use as many of these vouchers as you like, though the client recommended must not have been to the salon before. Vouchers are tracked on our computerised booking system and if those recommended are found to have been in before, discount will become void.
  • Offer vouchers and discounts may not be combined – you may redeem either a % discount or a set value voucher discount when you visit.
  • Gift vouchers can currently be purchased in values of £10, £25 and £50. These vouchers will be valid for 6 months from purchase and cannot be later redeemed for cash. As our gift vouchers are a cash equivalent, student or NHS discount can be applied before paying with a gift voucher.
  • 20% student discount only applies to beauty services over £10


  • General

  • As hair professionals, we are here to operate in your best interests. While every effort will be made to meet your requirements, if we believe a result to be unachievable or not in the best interests of your hair needs, we reserve the right to refuse treatment.
  • Personal details taken from clients during consultation procedures or during online booking sign up will be kept safe and in the strictest confidence. We would, on occasion, like to send you details of salon happenings and special promotions. If you would rather not receive these please let us know.
  • No direct on scalp colour on clients younger than 16. Highlights can be done at parents' discretion with their consent.
  • As extensions are a specialised service, which we appreciate cost a lot of money, we have decided that we can not cater for extension services at Boilerhouse. As our staff choose not to train in this area we are unable to cut, colour or dry hair with any form of permanent extensions.